Davelle South Devons started in 2000, when we were looking for a hardy breed to mate over females given to us by my parents, dairy beef crosses. It was reminded to me of the South Devon breed that was an easy doing animal. From there it all snow balled. I needed an animal that is easy to look after, I work off farm, so I don't have the time to pamper animals, but I expect them to perform, I found this in the South Devon. We started our stud with purchases from “Gumhill”, “Paltarra” and “Lincoln”. From my dairy background, I place a lot of emphasis on an animal’s structure, the use of performance recording and developing deep, diverse pedigrees. To paint a picture on the animal we are trying to breed is, “An animal that shows a lot of capacity – both in the meat it houses and throughout the body, width, depth, strength, length, not overly tall, fertile, and the willingness to perform under differing conditions.” We hope you can see this is our animals.

Pictured: David Leese and a prize winner.

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