welcome to davelle south devons

Welcome to Davelle South Devons

Why South Devons?

Over the years of selling South Devon cattle either pure or for cross breeding, there's significant evidence to show any amount of South Devon content will increase profitability.

Why Davelle South Devons?

We pride ourselves in providing cattle to meet the beef industry!

We use the tools available to produce a beef animal that can be used in pure herds or cross breeding operations to add to the profit.

Our profit drivers are - low birth weights, good growth and excellent carcass

See our objectives below.

Some quotes -

“South Devon cattle are an English breed whose traits compliment both English and Continental cattle breeds. South Devon cattle are well-known for their maternal longevity and docility. Profit driven cow/calf operations that wanted to add high levels of heterosis, fertility, low feed intake, and high weaning weights found that South Devons delivered as promised. In the feedlot, heterosis, lower feed intake, and superior carcass merit, especially marbling and tenderness, are compliments of the South Devon breed.” Dave Nichols USA

“The South Devon breed has emerged as the dominant British breed alternative to Angus. South Devon breed is more than competitive on $Profit. Much of this is based on their unique combination of heavy muscling with marbling levels comparable to Angus. In addition, substantial evidence now suggests that the breed excels on feed efficiency”. Lee Leachman USA

Davelle 4th Opportunity Sale 10th Feb 2017

21 Bull and 17 Females have been selected for our annual sale.

Again the sale will be on AuctionsPlus

Inspection day is Wednesday 8th Feb utilising the SA Beef Field Days

Catalogue is available please click here.
Supplementary Sheet please click here

Our Facebook page also has the catalogue and photos available.

Don't hesitate in contacting us for further information or to arrange inspection.

Davelle 2016 Royal Adelaide Show Carcase Competition Results

We took 3 steers to Adelaide this year -

Larry 18/9/2015 (Ace F1 x D. Win Lucia Z50)
Ash 18/8/2015 (Ace F1 x D. Eskson Annie D50 - sold in 2016 Sale - we do sell good breeders)
Ace 17/3/2015 (D. UB Righton H26 x D. Progress Anne G6)

Live Weights and Scans -

Larry 410kg 8/6 82cm2 (Light Domestic)
Ash 495kg 7/6 102cm2 (Heavy Domestic)
Ace 685kg 11/10 117cm2 (Export)

In the Hoof Section Larry came 4th and Ace 5th.

In the Hooks Section -

Larry 234.2kg (57.1%) 10/8 68cm2 82.88 points - 3rd Breeders Light Domestic.
Ash 291.8kg (58.9%) 8/5 106cm2 - 1st Breeders Heavy Domestic, Reserve Champion Heavy Domestic Carcase and Hightest Scoring South Devon Steer 91.46 points (2nd Highest scoring steer only 0.08 points from the overall winner).
Ace 414.0kg (60.4%) 12/5 114cm2 4th Breeders Export 86.16 points.

All steers had very high IMF, MSA Index and Eating Quality points

Great results for Davelle and South Devons.

Another 4 steers exhibited were sired by Davelle bulls and scored 87.86, 87.00, 84.18, 81.67.

Our breeding objectives are shining through - low birth weights, good growth and excellent carcase!!

South Devons came 2nd in the Teams competition.

We are very happy with the results. Bulls from the same sires will be featured in our 4th Opportunity Sale Feb 2017.

Davelle Droughtmasters

We have started a Droughtmaster stud. Our aim is to breed stud and composites utilising the hardiness of the Droughtmaster. We are building our female numbers to produce a good supply of sale bulls. The Droughtmaster is a perfect partner to our stud operation!

Davelle's Breeding Objectives

We strive to produce beef cattle the meet and exceed the needs of the beef industry. We openly state our "Objectives" and work hard to achieve them.

Click here for our Breeding Objectives


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